THINK TWICE: Jordie Lynch says there is a difference between constructive feedback and destructive criticism.
THINK TWICE: Jordie Lynch says there is a difference between constructive feedback and destructive criticism.

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Change of attitude on the menu

THERE is an obvious difference between constructive feedback and destructive criticism.

Just the other day while I was waiting for my coffee, I noticed a few tables away a customer and their criticising eyes combing the menu. Their face scrunched up and their head shook exaggeratedly in disapproval, the disapproval they proceeded to voice loudly to their table and a few nearby how they wouldn’t pay that much for that product.

I couldn’t help but openly glare at this person (a grown adult, mind you) and the way they were carrying on. They had already polished off whatever they had ordered and were now mounting their high horse.

If you don’t like something or don’t want to spend your money at a particular place, don’t make a fuss. It was your choice to sit down, your choice to sift through the menu and you committed to that choice when you ordered. Don’t throw a wobbly like an ungrateful child. Simply put the menu down, find somewhere else that ticks your boxes or stay home. No one is forcing you to sit there if it’s not your cup of tea. I could see the desperate desire to adopt the ‘town connoisseur’ label, it was clearly there, but the approach was all kinds of wrong. Connoisseurs certainly don’t carry on like that.

It appears some only pay for the sole product. I see my money going towards the experience as a whole; the product, the service, the atmosphere and the attentiveness. If all these areas have been satisfied, I know my money was well-spent but even then, I also understand everyone has a bad day and they are entitled to that. It doesn’t mean they don’t care or aren’t doing their best, it just means they’re human like everyone else.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, destructive language and hidden agendas together do not count as constructive feedback, it’s just downright cruel. Constructive feedback seems to be what people hide behind to bring others down and it is these same people who do not deserve a voice on any social media platform. It all stems from tall poppy syndrome so review pages are the last place these types of people belong.

Constructive criticism should never include destructive terminology.

There is nothing constructive about words like, ‘atrocious, hate, disgusting, embarrassing’ and the list goes on. They are demeaning, unnecessary, hurtful and can do a great deal of damage to reputations. Businesses have to make money. Times aren’t getting any easier so they have to do what they can to survive and thrive. Instead of blowing things out of proportion online, how about going to have a quiet, polite word to whoever provided you the product or service you weren’t satisfied with?

Be open-minded, be understanding, be kind and don’t make it your mission to bring people or businesses down. They are our local lifelines; support them through the good and bad days and celebrate their successes.

Change your attitude to change your experience.