Don’t be an online troll, treat people’s opinions with respect. (Pic: iStock)
Don’t be an online troll, treat people’s opinions with respect. (Pic: iStock)

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Goodness a replacement for bad behaviours

WE ARE always going to have a different view to someone else because we have all walked through life on different paths, and that is okay.

Our personal opinions are not always going to reflect the opinions of others, and that is okay.

Our approach to challenges and certain life situations are not always going to match the approach someone else would take, and that is okay.

Our way of thinking may be different to someone else’s way of thinking, and that is okay.

Our current understanding of the world around us may be totally different to someone else’s, and that is okay. We can help each other to learn, grow, become more aware, and build on what we already know.

We are all human beings doing our best to get by, doing our best to be at our best, and doing our best to use what we have learnt in our life so far to serve us in the future.

We need to be a little more open-minded, understand that no one else has walked the exact same path that we have, been offered the exact same knowledge that we have, interpreted things exactly how we may have, or had the same opportunities offered to them that we may have.

We let difference become division. We let opinion overpower understanding. Sometimes we let our personal experiences overshadow the experiences of others.

A prime example is our online world. Social media is a common stomping ground for people who feel it is okay to stomp all over other people’s views. Words are deliberately twisted around, the “I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong” mentality runs rampant through the over-congested corridors of cyberspace, and sinister strangers string together like a pack of wolves to gang up on anyone who doesn’t share the same opinion. They happily engage in a fight. It’s always a fight that no one walks away a winner. Our respect for each other and the different situations we are each in should outshine our desire to be ‘right’. We shouldn’t be setting out to humiliate people online trying to prove we know best or put others down while trying to pump our own tyres up.

Feelings are hurt, values are questioned, reputations are jeopardised, self-esteem is shattered, and despite good intentions, people can be made to feel like the world is against them. Inadequacy overrides empowerment and suddenly the poisonous pool that tends to be the online world can permanently damage the how someone feels and functions in the world both on and offline.

I hope we can move into a time where we are not so much on the attack and make more effort to have each other’s backs. There is only one way to find peace among the people.

This can mean having more open constructive discussions, being more inclined to listen, opening up our minds to new knowledge and being fearless in learning new lessons to build on to what we currently know.

The best kind of change comes from positive alterations to our actions and mindsets. If we want to restore the goodness in the world, we have to stop bad behaviours. If we have any chance of moving forward as a united family, we have to start supporting each other, acknowledging and respecting our differences for what they are; they are still a component of the common ground we walk on. It is up to us as to whether this common ground has cracks or is strong enough to support us well into the future.