Toilet paper stocks were already running low at Coles In Rockhampton City Centre Plaza last week.
Toilet paper stocks were already running low at Coles In Rockhampton City Centre Plaza last week.

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Loo paper has turned us into barbarians

I AM really not understanding why so many have jumped onto this ‘panic buy’ wagon.

I am really, really not understanding why we are circling the toilet paper section like vultures, ready to strike and sink our greedy claws into as many packs of 3-ply we possibly can. I am really, really, really not understanding why there are fights breaking out over who gets that last precious pack of toilet rolls, an innocent ply-stander suddenly the focus of manic masses amid the twisted coronavirus-inspired chaos.

Is this what we have been reduced to? Grown adults throwing tantrums and punches in supermarket aisles? And over toilet paper of all things? I never, not even in my wildest imagination, thought toilet paper would turn us into barbarians.

This is downright embarrassing and far from acceptable.

Empty shelves are a shocking reflection of just how far this madness has gone. People are paying too much attention to certain areas of social media pushing the wrong or dramatised message and following what other misinformed people are doing by taking their shopping haul to horrifying new heights.

It is really frustrating. There are people in our communities, from young families through to our elderly, struggling to do their basic shop because too many people have already been through, swept the scene, overstocked their trolleys and left nothing behind for anyone else. The greed and self-absorption meter reading has risen from “high enough” to “even higher” as selfish people scramble to stock up on the supposed secret ingredient to curing coronavirus: toilet paper.

And I can just imagine how many toilets must be cringing and questioning their ability to accommodate the mounds of toilet paper that are piling up around them during this un-toilet-related virus crisis.

Panic-buying continues to take over communities far and wide as more of us are getting swept up in the stress storm that intensifies all because of different things people are hearing, things that do not hold any factual weight and no doubt change every time someone passes on the information.

We cannot work towards a solution with a clear mind when there is Category 5 chaos carrying on all around us. We are doing the one thing that is only ever going to make things worse: freaking out.

It is OK to be worried but do your own research, don’t buy into shallow chatter or other people’s opinions. Listen to updates from authorities on the virus and do your best to keep up your hygiene routine but don’t go OTT on the TP. Panicking and over-purchasing toilet paper won’t solve our problems.

We need to look out for one another but the behaviour of people who should know better over the past few weeks is a perfect demonstration of what not to do. Some seem to have forgotten in the middle of their toilet-paper-crazed-haze that we are all in the same boat so if we keep turning on each other like this, we will sink before we get to swim.