Terese Turner‘s beautiful boys Hamish and Bentley were both adopted from Capricorn Animal Aid.
Terese Turner‘s beautiful boys Hamish and Bentley were both adopted from Capricorn Animal Aid.

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Our pets should be loved, not ignored

THIS week we are celebrating the animal lovers.

Animal lovers are an extraordinary breed of human being. They don’t need words to know what an animal is trying to communicate or understand what they need. They don’t need constant affection to know that an animal loves or trusts them. The level of trust and unwavering understanding naturally runs deep enough for both sides to interpret each other with ease.

I live to love animals. I greatly admire all that our animal rescue groups do, both local and around the world. I am in absolute awe of those who fight for the welfare of animals and make it their first priority to give the neglected a second chance. I tip my hat to those who, upon seeing any animal struggling, take it upon themselves to assist them however they can.

Sharing a special bond with animals is the most rewarding thing you could ever experience. To us, a simple kind gesture may just be that; a gesture. To them, it could be the gesture that grants them a new lease on life, the gesture that establishes trust towards people and changes how they interact with the world around them.

Pets are incredible healers. They possess the ability to bring peace to a conflicted soul, happiness even to those who have only ever known sadness and make the forgotten feel like they are the only person in the entire world.

Let’s look at our darling dogs. A waggly tail, four paws, starry eyes and a damp button nose could be all we need at the end of a hard day. They have hearts that hold limitless love. Their loyalty runs deep like their sense of adventure, their unconditional adoration for life and their family. Let’s appreciate our feline friends. They may show their love differently to dogs but they are equally as deserving of it and make purr-fect companions. Let’s look at our clever feather-flaunting friends. They can bring us so much joy, take us under their wing like guardian angels and protect us.

It doesn’t matter where an animal calls home or what family they belong to, every single animal of every size and form, domestic or wild, deserves to be treated respectfully.

It tears me apart to see some people who are clearly unworthy of owning an animal are continuously granted the chance to have one. They don’t deserve the endless love and loyalty an animal has to offer. We so often seem to put these poor animals straight back into those same cruel and careless hands that are capable of repeating those same evil acts. Whoever decides this is okay is just as bad as the person acting inhumanely. How they live with themselves, I will never know.

I hope we can really band together, support our extraordinary humans, the local animal rescue, adoption and welfare groups, and make the future a happier, safer space for our beautiful animals. They need us just as much as we need them.