COMMUNITY EFFORT REQUIRED: Show your support for local businesses during the coronavirus crisis.
Picture: Che Chorley
COMMUNITY EFFORT REQUIRED: Show your support for local businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Picture: Che Chorley

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Shop locally and share the love

LET’S support our local businesses as much as we can.

I know we are all going through a tough, life-altering time at the moment, but we can help each other through this.

We can come out the other side stronger than ever before – it’s how we choose to navigate this situation that will determine what our road to recovery entails.

We can focus our purchasing powers on shopping local – supporting those family-owned businesses being run by hardworking locals who are also doing it tough and doing everything they can to keep the heartbeat of their business at a steadily successful rhythm until this crisis ends.

And let’s remember the employees who are working tirelessly at our ­supermarkets – they also deserve all the support and compassion in the world. They do not deserve to cop abuse from impatient people.

They have their own stresses and are concerned about everything going on in the world at the moment, just like the rest of us. Under no circumstances – particularly these ones that are testing us left, right and ­centre – does anyone deserve to be ­attacked for doing their job.

If our local businesses and supermarket staff had it their way, of course those shelves would be fully stocked, dining areas would be filled with crowds again and everything would return to business as usual.

However, at the moment, we don’t have the same luxuries we once took for granted, and the basic freedoms such as dining out are temporarily deemed as risky, so we need to adapt – one thing we are still perfecting.

To support our region and our nation, which have already been through more than enough heartache over the past few months, try to pick out those items that proudly feature the “Australian-made” label. I know we are feeling the pinch and powerless at the moment, but one thing we do have control over is how and where we choose to spend.

On the topic of investing in acts of support, it is so humbling to know that we also have kind-hearted customers around town joining the “pay-it-forward” movement. This sponsors coffee/meals/services for our vulnerable members of society and our tireless emergency service teams on the front line during this virus-induced crisis.

People power has never been more precious. As we continue to adapt to new conditions and adjust to life as we have never known it, remember that our actions today can shape our ­tomorrow. This is not an “every man for himself” situation, nor is it a race designed for one winner. We are all in this together and we will overcome these troubled times. Our rich community spirit has gotten us through so many devastating events before, we can do it again.

Watch out for one another, lend a helping hand, follow your kind heart, be practical and shop local.