FAVOURITE SHOW:  The Block  hosts Shelley Craft and Scott Cam on the construction site at The Oslo.
FAVOURITE SHOW: The Block hosts Shelley Craft and Scott Cam on the construction site at The Oslo.

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: The reality is I love The Block

I AM a sucker for a good renovation show so it excites me greatly to have The Block back for another year.

I know it may not be everyone's cup of coffee but for me, nothing beats seeing a beautiful building like The Oslo, an old hotel rich with history and with so many stories to tell, be given a new lease on life. It still has so many years of life left to live and so many stories yet to tell.

I love to see these big beautiful buildings receive some tender loving care and it is great to see the teams pour their hearts and souls into producing a home for future families.

It's nice to see the couples working together through all the challenges, setbacks and doubts that The Block is notorious for hurling their way.

They can face so many dark days, think they are on top but are thrown a curve ball, get knocked back in their progress and yet they find a way to power through to produce the best quality space under unforgiving time constraints.

It is the type of show that celebrates team spirit and resilience.

It is about personal growth and provides continuous learning opportunities for all of the teams who dare to enter the bittersweet world of The Block.

It's not about who has the most experience in the construction industry or who has renovated before. Time and time again, this show has surprised everyone as many underdogs before have walked away victorious after the auctions.

I always love to see how the visions vary between the teams and everyone has a different approach to each space they work on.

The teams invest so much emotion and energy into delivering a room each week.

They walk away at the end of their journey on the show and leave a piece of themselves with the home they have so lovingly created for buyers.

For me, The Block has always been a show that, while it does hold its fair share of drama and tension, breaks away from glorifying all the wrong elements that other reality shows thrive on.

If a team chooses to cut corners, they will inevitably face a curve ball that teaches them to follow the process properly and take more care.

If a team does not follow safety procedures and abide by the rules, there are consequences that teach them to operate by the book and run a safer site in future.

I admit, I haven't agreed with some rewards for certain teams past and present, just like I haven't been happy with certain winners some years, but I do like what the show is about as a whole.

I have a feeling it is going to be quite a season on The Block and I am super excited to see how the teams go as they progress through their houses.

The Oslo will once again come to be the shining jewel in the St Kilda crown.