Close-up of a happy young blonde woman blowing dandelion
Close-up of a happy young blonde woman blowing dandelion

TUESDAYS WITH JORDIE: Time for a reset after life’s curveballs

I’M going to be honest, I have felt like a real mess lately. Life’s favourite pastime seems to be firing curveballs my way left, right, and centre, as I’m sure it has been doing to many others during this horrible time.

When they have hit me, they’ve knocked me off my feet and I haven’t bothered getting back up.

I feel like every week has been one big washing machine with a seriously intense cycle as its default setting.

I have been going in feeling worn down and being spat out a sad crumpled heap.

I have been giving life the bare minimum and in the process, I have grown tired, I have stopped moving forward, stopped feeling genuine joy for things I used to adore, started neglecting things that are important, and lost myself somewhere among my own muddled mess.

I like to see my responsibilities as dogs that I walk.

I can’t leave any behind, we have to move in a tight-knit pack, I have to keep a strong hold on the ones that like to pull and run ahead, and I have to stay on top of the problems that they deposit or the peaceful path we walk along will become awfully distorted and chaotic.

So Sunday, while I was belting out heavy ballads from my ‘ragelists’, I dusted off my desk and gave my nonchalant attitude the flick.

I called off my pity-party, sent my guests that comprised of negativity, self-doubt, and lethargy home, and told them they were not welcome back.

It was time to stop procrastinating and start taking steps forward again. They may be baby steps but a step forward is a step in the right direction.

I am still moving through my state of shock from closing my ‘Tuesdays with Jordie’ chapter earlier than I wanted to, however, I am excited to welcome change and begin a new chapter.

I have great faith my departing TMB family will go on to do extraordinary things and can’t wait to see them flourish in their new chapters.

I’ve built up my to-do list again with tasks I need to get done, become reacquainted with my goals, I’ve set myself up for a (hopefully) smooth new term for my creative writing degree, I’m diving back into planning, and committing myself to giving The Gen Z Journals blog more consistent love.

I’ve cleared the mess that cluttered my stress-kissed space and mind, and feel I am more in tune with what I want to do moving forward.

It’s amazing what a bit of TLC can do. I feel like when the world took a step back when the virus entered the scene, I let myself take an extra step back. I retreated into an unpleasant space but this also allowed me to understand just how much I value my friends and family.

I am super lucky to have them and sometimes we need to step back away from everything to know just how good we have it with what and who we have in our lives.

The moral of this honest (maybe too honest) article is that it is never too late to start again.

To clean our messes up, refresh our tired souls, fall in love with life all over again even if it is a little different, take a new approach to life, take the road less travelled, and do whatever we need to in order to feel genuinely content within ourselves.

Whether we are locked away at home or out amongst the crowds (post-virus), we live with ourselves every second of every day through every moment; it’s important we are happy with ourselves.

It’s never too late to start fresh, hit ‘reset’, and start new day on a new page. We don’t always have to ‘start on Monday’ either.

I hope there is a happier, healthier tomorrow waiting for us all. It’s what we do today that will help us get to where we want to go.