CASHED UP: Containers for Change opens for business in Warwick today.
CASHED UP: Containers for Change opens for business in Warwick today. Bianca Hrovat

Turning trash into cash: New recycling depot opens

ONE man's trash will soon be his treasure when Containers for Change opens an exchange depot in Warwick on Thursday.

It has been decades since residents have been able to trade their cans for cash and depot owner Simon Hird said Warwick can expect cleaner streets because of it.

"Hopefully we notice a big change," he said.

"People have already been telling me some crazy stories about hunting for trash in the streets and the parks.

"Lots of people are encouraged to get into it."

On-the-spot cash will offered for most aluminium, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard containers between 150ml and 3 litres.

The financial incentive was enough for new Warwick resident Darrell Bain to begin his can collection, which he now estimates is in the hundreds.

"I've never been into recycling in the past," he said.

"I know I won't get all of my money back, but even if I get something back out if it that's great.

"It's a good way to save money and help make up for other rising costs."

In an increasingly time-poor world, the modern ease of the recycling process acts as further encouragement for those who might not exactly describe themselves as environmental activists.

Mr Bain said he found the process incredibly simple.

"I just tip out the insides, rinse the cans and put them in a plastic bag," he said.


Containers for Change opens Warwick
SIMPLE: The process of turning in containers is easy. Bianca Hrovat

Before the depot's opening many residents were making the trip to the Toowoomba depot and fuel prices made that an unaffordable option.

"I just couldn't justify it," Mr Bain said.

"The money I'd get for it would be petrol for the trip."

"It just wasn't worth it."

With no limit on the number of containers, the new depot also allows for big business to get involved.

Large yellow containers were already filled to the brim from the Turf Club, and Mr Hird said he was expecting similar donations from pubs, clubs and schools that "want to do the right thing".

"It's so much better than sitting in our landfill and choking up our environment," he said.

"I think it's important to Warwick.

"We really want to try to make a difference."

For more information on the types of containers accepted or to set up an online account, visit