TV host calls out ‘disgusting’ online abuse


ABC's News Breakfast host Michael Rowlands has called out "disgusting" homophobic comments on live TV this morning.

"You might have seen on social media Nate was the subject of some disgusting, some disgraceful homophobic comments which we think are just appalling," he told audiences.

Michael Rowlands has called out homophobes on live TV
Michael Rowlands has called out homophobes on live TV

He was referencing Nate Byrne, an ABC colleague who received hate messages on Twitter for appearing in the ABC Mardi Gras float.


"Who's that in the hot pants?" Rowlands asked as he played a clip from the Mardi Gras, showing Byrne join in on the celebrations.

"It's great to see Nate having a great time," Rowlands said.

Nate Byrne received abusive messages which prompted him to call the world "sick".

He called the abuse an "unprovoked spray of hatred."

Rowlands ended the ABC Mardi Gras segment with: "We are so proud not just of Nate but all of our colleagues, and everyone else involved."

"One for all the homophobes out there," the video's caption read.