Two stolen handbags from nightclub costs $1200 fine

SOME people can never have too many handbags, but for Cindy Parker, walking around with three landed her with a $1200 fine.

The woman faced Rockhampton Magistrates Court on May 3 and pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing after the April 16 incident at the Zodiac Nightclub.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Manon Barwick told the court the two victims had placed their handbags on a table at the nightclub before returning to find them missing.

They both immediately went outside to inform the police and described their bags to officers.

"(Police) intercepted Cindy carrying three handbags," Snr Con Barwick said.

"It was seized and they located personal items."

Parker, who was self-represented, said she had simply picked up the wrong handbag.

"I was drunk… it was a mistake, I am very sorry to the ladies," she said.

"It was an accident, I would never do anything like that on purpose.

"I am going through a rough patch."

Parker was fined $1200 and a conviction was not recorded.