Undefeated Emu Park shines

RUGBY LEAGUE: Stepping onto Browne Park last Saturday night, the undefeated Emu Park Under 14 girls held the crowd in thrall, an electric atmosphere filling the park.

It was destined to be a tough grand final game.

The Tigers were prowling, keen to put an end to the Emus’ very first stellar season.

The teams did not disappoint, going neck and neck throughout the match and finally levelling the field with a 30-24 tip of the scales in the Emus’ favour.

Emus’ player of the match Lilean Leisha lifted the crowd off their seats as capped off her three scores of the game with the final winning try, set up by fellow standout Mackinley Oakley-Major.

“It was a very tough grand final. Tigers played extremely well and it could have gone either way,” Emu Park club president Jason Field said.

“Emu Park played extremely well. They’re extremely good athletes. They won the Nines tournament earlier in the year and have won the premiership on top of that.

“It was their defence. They were very competitive and a very determined bunch of girls with a good coach in Kylie Major.

“They played well as a team and that’s what got them the result in the end.”

For Field, it was the best atmosphere he’s seen in a league game in a long time.

“Women don’t get the accolades they deserve and I think this region could be competitive with any other,” he said.

“There was a very large crowd and it was well received.

“It showcased the potential of women’s rugby league and the future of the sport.”