Rugby -  Frenchville player Rob Chealpy in the rugby union game against Capricorn Coast.
Rugby - Frenchville player Rob Chealpy in the rugby union game against Capricorn Coast. Chris Ison ROK200518crugby3

Union teams battle it out in semi-finals weekend

RUGBY UNION: This weekend's semi-finals are sure to be full of action, with four of the best teams in the competition facing off at Moura to potentially land a place in the grand finals.

Playing in the 1v2 match will be competition front-runners Frenchville Pioneers and Dawson Valley Drovers.

In the 3v4 match spectators will see Biloela Cockatoos and Rockhampton Brothers fighting for a chance to play the losers of the Pioneers/Valley clash.

Brothers coach Tom Moore said the Saturday match will be a "fairly equal contest” between two "fairly comparable sides”.

Despite having low numbers in the team's front row, Moore said the club's reserve players will give the team a full bench.

A number of players will also move from the bench and get field time.

"It will come down to who turns up on the day and plays the best footy,” Moore said.

"I have a lot of respect for Biloela.

"We'll be working as a unit and working together defensively rather than individually to solve problems.

"If we can hold the line and keep ourselves working as a line, we'll come up better for it.”

Moore said his side will be keeping the focus on defensive tactics, and letting their attack "sort itself out”.

"We've always played a simple game of football and we don't try and score off the first phase,” he said.

"We're a forward-orientated side and play a straight, direct style of football.

"If we can build pressure and play our field positions, we can get good results.

"It's a matter of playing the best of our ability and if we do that, I'd be reasonably confident we could come away with a win.”

Frenchville Pioneers reserve grade coach and A-grade assistant coach Steven Anderson said the match between the competition's top two teams will be especially tough on Valley's home ground.

Despite beating Valley by three points last week, it will be a different game this week, with a number of players out.

Anderson will be taking a leaf out of last week's book and hopes to repeat the first half of last week's game.

"We had good ball security in the first half, the hold on the ball and the set pieces were strong,” Anderson said.

"When we have the ball this weekend, we need to play at our pace and control the ball and not hand it over to them.

"We work hard to get points but we let them score easy points on us.

"We work hard on the kick-offs and line-up lays and our overall ball security.”

Anderson said the opposition has a "dangerous” squad, with pace and sizeable forwards posing as a potential threat.

"All our guys need to be switched on as soon as they run on the field,” he said.

Stepping into the place of five eighth will be Robbie Schelpy who will be sure to bring his "good kicking game” onto the park.

"We'll try and play down their end, descend strong speed on the line and hopefully they make mistakes and turn over the ball,” Anderson said.

"We're struggling for outside backs, so we'll try and keep it in tight and play it through the middle of the field to our centres.”