Unlicensed driver busted taking daughter to work

A WOMAN who did not renew her drivers licence after losing it for drug driving in 2015 was intercepted driving without a licence when taking her daughter to work this month.

Karin Eva Hack pleaded guilty on October 26 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of driving without a licence.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said Hack was intercepted on Diplock St, Frenchville, at 7am and told police she did not have a licence.

He said she had been convicted in 2016 for driving and other offences from 2015 and had not applied for a new licence afterwards.

Hack told the court she made the stupid decision to drive her daughter to work, which her other daughter usually did but couldn’t that morning.

“I don’t normally drive,” she said.

Magistrate Jason Schubert said Hack needed to put systems in place so she did not have access to a car.

Hack said she only recently purchased a new car and had not had one for the past five years.

Hack was fined $500 and told to get her drivers licence sorted.