FOOTBALL CQ PREMIER LEAGUE: Frenchville's S. Lubbe with the ball
FOOTBALL CQ PREMIER LEAGUE: Frenchville's S. Lubbe with the ball

Unstoppable Frenchville on track to stellar season

FOOTBALL: Reigning premiers Frenchville did little to disprove theories of an unstoppable season following a display of pure dominance in last night's round two of the CQ Premier League Division 1.

Facing off against relative newcomers Berserker Southside, the finely-tuned team appeared to care little for taking it easy - evident in their seven-nil victory.

While the top-ranking side provided quick feet and sometimes clean breaks, their oppositions rarely falter in determination and grit.

Speedy accuracy at times looked to build momentum for a Berserker score, though unrelenting pressure from a seasoned Frenchville backline - including goalie Robert Day - would prove to tough to crack.


Berserker coach Mitch Williams said while it was a disappointing loss, he was pleased only three of the seven goals came from open play. The rest coming from set pieces such as free kicks.

"We're a new team that's just coming together, so it's important that we get the basics right and then we start at looking to play different formations or changes through the game as it changes."

"We got a couple of chances in behind them throughout the game so there was potential, where perhaps on another night we could have pinched a goal or two."

As the half time siren blared and what looked to be worn-out Berserker squad regrouped, prominent midfielder Jaymon Bob returned to deliver some gutsy plays at success.


FOOTBALL CQ PREMIER LEAGUE: Berserker Southside's T. Martin and Frenchville's J. Weber
FOOTBALL CQ PREMIER LEAGUE: Berserker Southside's T. Martin and Frenchville's J. Weber


"Our back four did really well too, but Jaymon Bob upfront was quite dangerous every time he got the ball."

"We definitely had some great displays of skill across the board. Our goalkeeper made some really great saves too," Mr Williams said.

The 90-minute stoush further saw countless displays of talent across the board, gun midfielder Harry Dean a standout for the greens, though not all for good reason.

Despite his two impressive contributions to a rising Frenchville scoreboard, Dean was cautioned with a yellow card following rough conduct in the game's second half.

As the game neared its end - Berserker's fate close to sealed - it seemed the greens were hardly close to finished, slotting two of its seven goals in the game's closing five minutes.



"I thought the boys never stopped trying and that proved true, we were still paying in the hard in the 85th minute," Mr Williams said.

"It was only the last five minutes I think the boys started giving up a little bit."

The sizeable loss was unlikely to affect the team, he added, with sights now firmly set on next week's Saturday evening clash against Nerimbera.

"Nothing will change in terms of what we're focusing on, we'll stick to what we know and the basics, but we'll probably work on defence from a set pieces seeing as we conceded four this around."

"We just want to make ourselves a bit more competitive this year."


Weekend Results

Nerimbera - 1 v 0 - Central FC Premier

Berserker - 0 v 7 - Frenchville

Bluebirds United - 2 v 0 - Capricorn Coast FC




Bluebirds United

Berserker Southside

Capricorn Coast FC


Central FC Premier