Headricks Lane workers had customers comment to them about how bad the smell in the CBD was.
Headricks Lane workers had customers comment to them about how bad the smell in the CBD was. Jessica Powell

UPDATE: Council responds to mystery stench in CBD

UPDATE 4.30PM: A spokesperson from Rockhampton Regional Council said officers investigated the smell, but were unable to determine the exact source.

"Fitzroy River Water crews checked infrastructure in the CBD and are confident that the stench was not caused by a failure in council infrastructure,” the spokesperson said.

"In a bid to eliminate causes, contracted bio-waste carriers were also contacted.

"Council will continue to monitor the reports and, if it occurs again, members of the public are urged to contact council so the source can be investigated.”

UPDATE 12.28PM: The cause of the "sewerage” smell which has been wafting through the streets of the Rockhampton CBD has still not been solved.

The unpleasant odour is still being investigated by the Rockhampton Regional Council.

INITIAL: Opening the doors to the Boathouse this morning, shift supervisor Yianni Kondilis was greeted with an unpleasant smell lingering around the Riverbank.

The source of the powerful smell, which seemed to be the strongest near the river bank, is currently unknown.

Workers in the Rocky CBD area described the odour as a "sewerage smell” which reached nostrils all the way back to Bolsover St.

Yianni said when he was opening the doors to the restaurant at 6am, the smell was really strong.

"I was worried it was going to keep people from coming in,” he said.

"When we all first arrived the chefs also said it really smelt.”

Headricks Lane shift supervisor Finn Collins and waitress Georgia Gray said they smelt a "poo” odour in both East St and Quay Lane.

"We have a few customers comment about the smell to us as well,” Finn said.

"I was worried it would put people off their breakfast. It was pretty bad this morning when I opened.

"Customers said it was that bad they were going to complain to council.”

The Rockhampton Regional Council is currently looking into the cause of the smell.