How to be famous: 2018 edition.
How to be famous: 2018 edition.

‘Psychopath’ food villain busted again

WE'RE not entirely sure yet, but Alexa Greenfield may go down as one of sport's greatest supervillains.

The 26-year-old American caused a social media stir when she was caught dipping chicken fingers in a cup of soft drink in front of her nephews at Flushing Meadows earlier in the year.

The depravity went down during Madison Keys 6-1 6-3 destruction of Dominika Cibulkova at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The Twittersphere was unforgiving and mercilessly bashed the poor woman, labelling her a "psychopath" and declaring she "should be sent to prison".


After amassing over 10,000 Instagram followers, Greenfield revealed the moment the horrific realisation her unique food quirk had gone viral.

"I got a text five minutes later from a friend saying 'I just saw you dipping a chicken finger in Coke on TV' and I said 'Ohhhh no'," she said.

"It's very strange. I'm a very strange eater in general. My Dad had me doing it when I was younger. He was like 'if it's hot, you can cool it off' ... that was where it originated and then I just really liked the taste."

But that hasn't stopped her.

Greenfield was busted dipping fried chicken in her soft drink again, this time at a New York Knicks game. The 26-year-old was spotlighted on the big screen doing her thing before shaking it off and blowing the camera a kiss.

"I don't drink the soda because, yes, it gets greasy," she said in September. "That's too gross for me."

"Listen, it's not something I do often anymore. I was more just messing with (my nephews)," she added. "I was hungover. I was like listen guys, this is gross, watch me do it, haha. It's not that common, but maybe like once or twice a year.

"I was just in, like, an 'I don't give a f***' mode. I was like, I'm doing this. I didn't think I was being seen!"