WATCH: Mum cops foul-mouthed road rage tirade


A MOTHER has been threatened and subjected to an ­expletive-laden tirade in front of her children during a bizarre road rage incident on the Gold Coast

The woman, Carly Renee - who described the foul-mouthed rant as her "worst nightmare" - said she was driving home from kindergarten when she pulled out while oncoming traffic still faced a red light.

"The car in the video came flying up behind me, sat inches away from the back of my car holding the horn on. I slowed down to the speed limit while he continued to be right on my arse," she claimed.

Police are investigating a road-rage incident on the Gold Coast.
Police are investigating a road-rage incident on the Gold Coast.


"He then overtook me, ­almost sideswiping us to get in front and then slammed on his brakes which made me start recording … the rest speaks for itself.

"The words from this man's mouth are my worst nightmare … it has shaken me pretty bad."

The man, driving a Mercedes, pulls over in the middle of Hope Island Rd and approaches the woman's closed car window.

"You f---king b---h," he yells. "Wanna f---king brake again, you f---wit?

The woman than winds down the window and the expletives continue.

"You brake again and I run into you, you f---wit," he said.

The man - who told the woman she was "very lucky" because "otherwise I would smash your head in" - accused her of cutting him off.

"I've got children in the car and you've stopped in the middle of the road," the woman tells him.

The swearing continues before he walks off and gets back into his car.

It is unclear what happened before the woman started filming. The woman was contacted for comment.

Police confirmed the incident occurred about 8.45am on Friday. The matter was ­reported to police and is being investigated.

Originally published as VIDEO: Coast mum cops foul-mouthed road rage tirade