KAMERON Johnson is behind one of Australia's newest hobbies - gel blasters.

Gel blaster guns are the latest craze in the recreational activity scene after they were made legal in Queensland last year.

Gel fields, which are similar to paintball and laser skirmish fields, have been popping up all over the place in the last few years and now there is one locally - at Tungamull.

24 year-old Kameron opened his business, Capricorn Gel Blasters, two months after his hobby started to become more and more popular with his friends.

Kameron, who is part-time in the Reserve Army, was watching YouTube videos when he came across gel blasters.

They are lifelike toy guns that shoot 7mm hydro-crystal gel pellets and explode on impact.

The gel pellets are fired by an internal spring mechanism and are soaked in water to expand in size.


Capricorn gel blaster's club's  Jeremy Cahill.
Jeremy Cahill behind the gun. Allan Reinikka ROK310519ablaster

They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and unlike being hit by a paintball gun, they only hurt a "little bit".

"The guns are replica to a 1.1 size to military equipment but they are "harmless", Kameron said.

The guns are similar to toy airsoft or nerf guns.

They are also much cheaper than paintball, which uses a couple of hundred balls in a couple of hours.

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Capricorn gel blaster's club's Kameron Johnson, Spencer Thomas and Jeremy Cahill.
PRETEND WARFARE: Owners Kameron Johnson on the gel blasters field with friends Spencer Thomas and Jeremy Cahill. Allan Reinikka ROK310519ablaster

Playing around with friends at his Dad's Emu Park Rd property, Kameron realised there was a gap in the local market.

"I found there was no business here so I opened my own," he said.

So he and some friends dug some trenches and put up some barriers, created some skirmish fields and opened the property to the public.

He has also opened a retail shop and buys stock in to sell to the public.

So far it has gone well and advanced a bit more than he knows what to do with so he has signed up for some government small business programs.

Capricorn gel blaster's club's Kameron Johnson.
Capricorn gel blaster's club's Kameron Johnson. Allan Reinikka ROK310519ablaster

"It just kicked off massively," Kameron said.

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Most of his clients have been families and father and son groups.

He also offers camping overnight.

"People just love it as a bit of getaway," Kameron said.

"They get out in the field and it's a good family day."

Capricorn Gel Blasters is open to the public every weekend.

"I just want to get more people into it," Kameron said.


The gel blaster guns are replica guns and shoot 7mm hydrocrystal gel pellets that expand in water.
The gel blaster guns are replica guns and shoot 7mm hydrocrystal gel pellets that expand in water. Contributed



1755 Emu Park Rd, Tungamull

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Ages between 10 and 14 year olds must have an adult play with them on the field