Video: Cop threatens ‘fatal use of force’ on motorist


FOOTAGE of a cop threatening "fatal use of force" on a man sitting inside his stationary car has emerged on social media, as police promise to consider video from the incident.

The confrontation has only recently come to light after footage from the incident, which happened on the Gold Coast in February of last year, was uploaded to Instagram less than a week ago.

In the 30-second online snippet, the police officer from the Gold Coast Road Policing Unit is stood at the driver's window where he said: "I will do what I have to do …"

"What are you going to do?" the driver, thought to be a motoring enthusiast responded before the officer said, "if you get aggressive with me, I will counter that and I will beat you".

"Okay, and what are you going to counter it with?" the driver queried.

"My use of force options - anything from fatal use of force... to capsicum spray," the officer said.

"You're going to use fatal force, while I'm sitting in my car?" the driver replied.

"If I have to," the officer said, adding "you sit there and you do what I tell you to do."

"You're a joke," the driver repeated several times as the officer walked off.

"You are the one that's getting aggressive here... all I did was pull you over," the officer said.

The police officer was videoed threatening “fatal use of force” on a man sitting inside his stationary car.
The police officer was videoed threatening “fatal use of force” on a man sitting inside his stationary car.

The caption on the video, which has been viewed nearly 40,000 times, refers to the police officer as "the flop of force," and "an embarrassment towards (his) work colleagues."

A spokesman from the Queensland Police Service said they were aware of the footage, which is now under consideration.

"On February 16, last year a 37-year-old Broadbeach Waters man was intercepted by Gold Coast Road Policing Unit on Bermuda Street, Burleigh Waters," the statement said.

"The driver was issued two infringements notices for fail to have number plate attached and alter number plate.

"The recording uploaded to social media only shows a selected portion of the interaction. The footage has been reviewed and is being considered."