WE like to think we're confident with the surf, but in a new video Surf Life Saving Australia shows we're mostly getting it wrong.

According to a new video, 70 per cent of people can't correctly spot a rip, and two out of three people who think they can are getting wrong.

And the consequences can be deadly.

The new video shows drone footge of beaches to help people correctly identify rips, and the different types there can be.

When waves break on the beach, the water flows towards the shoreline, and then needs a way to find its way back out to see. It searches out for deeper channels, and these channels form the rips.

The video shows the different types of rip, where they are often formed and how they don't always appear where expected.

Of course, the best way to avoid rips is to follow the advice of lifesavers and swim between the flags at patgrolled beaches.

For more information, visit beachsafe.org.au