Lenakel Robert James Winslade
Lenakel Robert James Winslade

Violent armed robbery: Man used baseball bat to bash victim

Judge Michael Burnett saw a familiar face via video link under familiar circumstances when Lenakel Robert James Winslade, 20, appeared for sentencing.

He was the last of four to be sentenced for a violent armed robbery which took place on May 7 last year.

Winslade pleaded guilty to one count each of Burglary and armed robbery in relation to the offence.

The court heard Winslade, with two co-accused, entered a Frenchville home early that morning armed to carry out the robbery while another waited in the car as a getaway driver.

They entered the house holding weapons before one of his co accused cut the power to the house.

Lenakel Robert James Winslade
Lenakel Robert James Winslade

He and another co-accused kicked in a door and directed the occupant to sit down so they could tie him up.

Winslade was handed a baseball bat which he then placed on the ground while he tried to tie up the victim with cable ties.

The victim reached for the bat but Winslade beat him to it.

He then struck the victim in the head with the bat and the Judge was presented with photos of the injuries – two lacerations to the victim’s head.

The victim wrestled the bat away from Winslade and was successful. Winslade fled and returned with a co-accused with wine bottles to throw at the victim before they fled.

Police found Winslade in the days following and he has been remanded since.

The court heard the offender’s past was plagued by drug use and criminal offending of a similar nature, so much so, he had appeared before Judge Burnett less than two years prior on armed robbery charges.

“You came before me on September 2018 … where you were dealt with for robbery while armed,” he said.

The court also heard of a most tragic upbringing at the hands of two parents with dependency issues, which led the offender to using meth at just 14 years old.

“I said (in 2018) if you do not address your drug issues and you continue to let drugs ruin your life, you’ll find yourself going back to prison for lengthier and lengthier periods of time,” Judge Burnett said.

Winslade’s defence said their client had undergone drug rehabilitation efforts during his time in custody and intended to continue that upon his release.

The court heard the young man wished to move to Townsville with his grandmother who did not allow drugs in her household.

Judge Burnett considered Winslade’s wished to remove himself from drugs as well as his young age in favour of a lesser sentence.

He did however acknowledge the severity of the offences and decided some prison time, on top of that spent in pre-sentence custody, must be served.

Winslade was sentenced to 4.5 years imprisonment with a parole eligibility date at December 1 this year.

He committed the burglary and armed robbery while on parole for his last sentence handed down by Judge Burnett.

Co-accused Alastaire Bevan Pope (getaway driver) was sentenced to four years (parole eligible on November 2, 2020), Glynn Rowan Oates was sentenced to prison for three years (parole eligible on May 28, 2020) and Adriene Elizabeth Weeding was sentenced to prison for two years and four months, suspended after serving six months.