Violent attack on pregnant woman and police officer

A 53-year-old woman was sentenced to a term of imprisonment at Murgon Magistrates Court on Tuesday, for shoving a pregnant woman and assaulting a police officer.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens told the court that Vivian Joy King was intoxicated when she knocked on the door of a house in Murgon and confronted the pregnant woman inside.

"When told to leave she confronted her because of the way the dog was allegedly being treated by the owner," Sgt Stevens said.

"The victim told the offender there was no issue with the way the dog was being treated."

Sgt Stevens said King then shoved the pregnant woman multiple times in the chest to make her way further into the house.

"This caused the victim pain to her chest area and the victim was subsequently taken to hospital suffering stomach pains and an anxiety attack."

Sgt Stevens said King was arrested and to the Murgon watch house.

"At which time she assaulted a police sergeant, inflicting a 5cm laceration on his face that bled profusely."

Magistrate Louisa Pink took into account the defendant's medical condition and sentenced to a term of nine months' imprisonment, wholly suspended for two years.

She noted that King had spent 104 days in pre-sentence custody.

For the burglary she was sentenced to four months' imprisonment and ordered not to contact the victim for 12 months.