Violent offender to ditch booze and leave town

“I AM GENERALLY a pretty good man,” a 32-year-old Rockhampton man said while interrupting Magistrate Jeff Clarke who was deliberating his sentence in Rockhampton Magistrates Court this week.

The man pleaded guilty on July 7 to one count of breaching a domestic violence order and two others for obstructing police.

According to the Police prosecutor Senior Constable Peter Rumford, police were called to a Frenchville home late Saturday night where they found the offender engaged in a physical altercation with another man.

During that altercation, he pushed the victim, who was attempting to break up the fight.

Police ordered the offender to release the man who he was fighting but the offender would not listen and two officers needed to intervein.

The court heard the offender continued to attack the man while police tried to arrest him, ignoring multiple demands by the officers to stop obstructing.

The offender kicked a police officer in the legs during the struggled.

The defence lawyer Pierre Lammersdorf told the court the 32-year-old father of four did not want to continue the relationship with the victim, planning to move to Brisbane.

The defendant had an issue with alcoholism.

He was a qualified painter and electrician prior to a stint of unemployment.

While Magistrate Clarke was giving reason for his sentence, the man interrupted; “I just have to tackle this little problem I have with alcohol”.

“I am generally a pretty good man … I’m a loving father,” he continued.

Magistrate Clarke ultimately decided on a course of justice of six months imprisonment with immediate parole.

“Thank you very much for your help today Your Honour, I’m sorry about that,” the man said.