Raw: Rugby Sevens teammate plays with broken nose

Viral hero: Rugby player continues despite her broken nose

AN Australian rugby player has become an internet sensation after she continued to play on in an American college game, making two tackles, despite having a broken nose.

Georgia Page was playing for US university team Lindenwood against Notre Dame when she broke her nose in a tackle. With blood streaming down her face she remained on the field to make two tackles before heading to the sidelines.

Video and photos of the incident have gone viral.


Page, described by some media as a 'Rugby War Goddess' told BuzzFeed that desipte the injury she just had to keep playing.

I remember falling down and thinking, oh my god, my nose is on the other side of my face," Page told BuzzFeed News.

"I just got up and started playing again," she said.


Page told Buzzfeed that the story blew up when she was on a plane flying back to Australia.

Page said she hopes the story helps shine a light on women's rugby, which needs more coverage.

"I hope that it's a good promoter for women's rugby," she said.