Sean Appleton wants to know what can be done to expedite power and water to Great Keppel Island.
Sean Appleton wants to know what can be done to expedite power and water to Great Keppel Island.

Voters ask the hard questions

AS MOMENTUM builds for the upcoming March 28 local government elections, the community is seeking a strong vision to strengthen the Livingstone Shire region.

As mayoral and council candidates host meet-and-greet sessions, attend markets and visit businesses in the region, some common threads have emerged indicating what the community wants.

Kylie Thomasson is asking how candidates plan to deal with vacant shops in the Yeppoon CBD, with small businesses closing their doors and operating from home without the overheads, making life difficult for those remaining.

Each candidate’s vision for revitalising the CBD was important to community members at one of the meet and greets.

Mick Cranny said there needed to be a plan in place to make the region more attractive to developers.

“I believe now is the time for us to be doubling down on incentives to attract more development to the region,” he said.

“Our council also needs to consider climate change and the ramifications and have a strategy outlining what the shire is doing now and a plan to encourage residents to change their ways.”

Alison Cranny was keen to find out how the Emergency Hub in Yeppoon could be better used with more government departments.

Liveability and amenity have been high on the agenda, with a focus on retaining vegetation to both keep our region cooler and provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment for residents and visitors to the region.

Another resident wanted more clarification around wildlife habitat corridors and what the council plan was moving forward regarding both new developments and existing areas in the shire.

Sean Appleton asked what was being done or could be done to progress the promised power and water to Great Keppel Island.

With the fourth highest rates in Queensland, it has been no surprise to candidates that one of the recurring questions asked by residents across the shire was how council would keep rates down.

Financial management of the shire’s debt is also a priority for voters, along with disaster management strategies, and improvements to the delivery of services offered by Livingstone Shire Council.

In the coming weeks, The Morning Bulletin and The Capricorn Coast Mirror will ask candidates to address the issues of most concern to residents, to help them make informed decisions when it comes to polling day.