WHAT'S IN A NAME?: The Spirit of the Land Murals in Biloela.
WHAT'S IN A NAME?: The Spirit of the Land Murals in Biloela. Contributed

WACKY NAMES: CQ home to some of the weirdest names

CENTRAL Queensland is home to many of the sunshine state's "wackiest town names”.

A blog for Tourism and Events Queensland, the official Queensland Government tourism body responsible for promoting the state around the world, has listed the top 14 wacky Queensland town names.

First cap off the rank is Biloela, pronounced Billow-wheel-ah, with most locals calling it Bilo. It is believed the name is derived from the Aboriginal word for black or white cockatoo. Located in Banana Shire, it is ironically not a region for growing bananas but cotton, sorghum and wheat, along with coal mining. The Banana Shire got its name from a prized local bullock called Banana, with a large statue of the bull in Banana..

Out west, Barcaldine also got a mention - pronounced Bar-call-din. An hour east of Longreach, all highways lead to Barcy. The rural town, with a population of 1300 residents, is known for The Tree of Knowledge where shearers took the first strike in 1891 and The Australian Labor Party was founded. The tree was poisoned in 2006 but a wooden timber structure has replaced it.

Down the coast, 1770 is makes the list. It is pronounced Seventeen Seventy and breaks all the rules with a numerical name rather than an alphabetical name. It got the name because James Cook landed there for the second time in the year 1770.

Other towns with number names are in America, including Fifty-Six, Eighty-Eighty and Hundred.

In a honourable mention at the end of the article, Yeppoon and Ilfracombe are also given a mention. A neighbouring region in Mackay, Eungella (Young-ga-la) was also on the list and is said to leave Google Maps tongue-tied.