Michael Hooper is almost certain to miss six weeks of football. Picture: Getty
Michael Hooper is almost certain to miss six weeks of football. Picture: Getty

Wallabies’ sham embarrassing the game

THE players hate it. So do the coaches. And the fans? Yep, they hate it too. And it's the reason the Wallabies have become the laughing stock of Australian sport.

At the same time Australia's underperforming players should be toughening themselves up for the biggest tournament of their lives, they're being pampered like pooches.

Even though NSW still has a mathematical chance of making the Super Rugby playoffs if they beat the Highlanders on Friday, their best players can't take the field against the because they're being 'rested' for the World Cup.

Not only that, they've been ordered to miss the short trip to New Zealand to cheer on their teammates because they have to stay home and put their feet up for fear they might be too tired for the World Cup - which doesn't start for another three months.

If that's not crazy enough, the Wallabies' first match this year isn't until July 20 so NSW's Test players, including the Australian captain Michael Hooper, will now have six weeks off between games.

Don't blame the players. They hate the policy. So do all the Super Rugby coaches and the fans.

This is a decision born from the infatuation of trying to copy the All Blacks but that's not the Australian way.

Not only is this farcical policy killing Super Rugby, but it's almost certainly killing Australia's chances of winning the World Cup.

Australian athletes have never won anything on the world stage by sitting on the sofa and watching TV. The bigger the challenge, the harder we work.

Michael Cheika's strategy is coming under fire. Picture: Getty
Michael Cheika's strategy is coming under fire. Picture: Getty

Look at Australia's cricketers. They were in a world of pain at the start of this year, stuck in one of the biggest slumps in history,

So did Justin Langer tell them to rest up in the hope things might magically get better? Not a chance.

They went to India, the most hostile country in the world to play cricket, then to the Middle East to face Pakistan and look what happened. They reeled off eight wins in a row to go into the World Cup their confidence fully restored.

Andrew Bogut put his heart and soul into the Sydney Kings but they still didn't win the NBL title. With the basketball World Cup coming up, he could have easily put his giant feet up and saved himself but the thought never entered his mind and now he's playing in the NBA Finals.

How about Australia's newest sporting inspiration, Ash Barty?

She had never won a tournament on clay before for her historic win at the French Open.

So do you reckon she wrapped herself in cotton wool to prepare herself for the physical torture of Roland Garros?

Of course not, and nor should the Wallabies. So get out there and play.