LAIDLEY Police were called by a local resident who advised that her goat, Robert, had gotten himself stuck in a water tank.

Robert is believed to have walked up onto a dirt pile behind the tank and jumped on top, which subsequently collapsed and he fell through - most likely sometime Wednesday night.

"We kid you not," a Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said.

Police arrived at the property and were greeted by the goat owner who took Constable Remy Morris to the water tank.

"Unfortunately, local officers didn't have suitable equipment to rescue risky Robert, so they called in the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews to ne-goat-iate Robert out of his unusual situation," the spokeswoman said.

When they herd about the situation they came out and chopped a chunk out of the water tank.

One brave volunteer climbed into the tank with Robert, strapped some rope around him and he was pulled through a newly made second hole.

Constable Morris said that Robert was feeling a little sheepish, but was glad to be back out in the open.

"He was wrapped up in some warm blankets and we left him to relax inside," he said.

"We are udder-ly grateful for the assistance of QFES who helped lift Robert to safety."

Originally published as WATCH: Police rescue goat having a baah-d day