ROCKY ROAD: Ron Neumann wearing his Rocky inspired T-Shirt.
ROCKY ROAD: Ron Neumann wearing his Rocky inspired T-Shirt. Contributed

Wearing the region proudly on your chest

RON Neumann often wondered why people wear T-shirts promoting the names New York, Brooklyn or other notable cities that we may or may not have ever visited.

That thought led him to visit the Rockhampton airport a few years ago to purchase a Rockhampton T-shirt because he was proud to be associated with such a great city and wanted others to know.

Since then he has dabbled with various graphic arrangements to capture some unique attributes of Rockhampton on a T-shirt.

"I've met the occasional knocker over the years but I reckon Rockhampton is a great pace to live for various reasons," he said.

"Rockhampton deserves to have a decent set of T-shirts that indicate to the world we are as good a destination as anywhere in the world.

"I hope 'The Capricorn Line' of apparel helps in that journey."

When a T-shirt is sold, Mr Neumann said the purchaser will receive a small historical summary of Rockhampton.

"I contacted the Darumbal Enterprises to look over the wording to ensure respect has not been breached and that the traditional caretakers of this region continue to be acknowledged," he said.

"Anyone who purchases a T-shirt is encouraged to send in a picture of themselves wearing the T-shirt, so the theme of pride in our city may develop."

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