Yeppoon Lagoon should be a popular spot as rain clears this weekend.
Yeppoon Lagoon should be a popular spot as rain clears this weekend. Trish Bowman

Weekend weather: what to expect in Central Queensland

Warmer weather expected as ex tropical cyclone Penny has finally moved away from Rockhampton and the subsequent heavy rainfall from the system is expected to cease over the weekend

Chris Joseph from The Bureau of Meteorology said to expect a warm weekend with isolated showers.

"We can expect partly cloudy conditions with a chance of a shower on the coastal fringes.

"Sunday will have fine conditions throughout,” he said.

"Temperatures are looking like 30 to 31 degrees in coastal areas and temperatures could reach 30 to 35 degrees inland.

"These conditions will hang around into early next week,” he said.

Mr Joseph said that the affects of ex-tropical cyclone Penny will completely disappear by the end of today and the long term outlook is looking good.

"Penny has weakened into a trough and is moving up through the tropics.

"The Coral Sea is looking fairly benign and there is not much activity for this time of year,” he said.

"We're just looking an an increase in south-easterly winds at the through the weekend so it may be rough for smaller boats.”

The warmer weather follows wet week in the the region with local rainfall reports of in excess 100mm, and official totals reaching 80mm over 24 hours on Wednesday.