Glenda Mather:It’s like division within divisions
Glenda Mather:It’s like division within divisions

Rockhampton-Livingstone split divides regional councillors

COUNCILLOR Glenda Mather feels she is being blocked from fulfilling her oath to the community as she says Mayor Margaret Strelow picks and chooses what the Livingstone councillors can vote on.

As the council prepares to divide the community into Rockhampton Regional Council and Livingstone Shire Council, a division is appearing within council chambers as well.

Some issues relating to the remaining Rockhampton council are being transferred to a committee made only of the remaining councillors, while other issues related to Livingstone are being transferred to a committee made of the three councillors to leave City Hall after the split - Glenda Mather, Bill Ludwig and Tom Wyatt.

Cr Mather's temper was aroused earlier this week when she wanted to have her say about a couple contesting $400,000 in infrastructure charges from the council for a George St development.

But the matter was transferred to the continuing council committee.

Cr Ludwig agreed with Cr Strelow that it should be referred, but Cr Mather questioned the legality of the decision.

"I'm a team player, but I won't be ostracised when I have a responsibility to the people across this region," Cr Mather said.

"There's business going on that (the Livingstone councillors) don't have any control or knowledge of,"she said.

"It's like divisions within divisions."

Should 'future Livingstone shire' councillors, who are existing Rockhampton Regional councillors, have a say in Rockhampton matters between now and January 1?

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Cr Strelow said Cr Mather could attend the continuing council meetings, but not vote.

She denied trying to hide any issues from the Livingstone councillors and said the separate committees were completely legal.

"I appreciate the genuineness of her concerns, but we have separate futures," Cr Strelow said.

"The truth remains that our different areas have different interests.

"This wasn't Rockhampton's choosing that we have two separate communities."

Cr Mather said Livingstone councillors were making no headway for the splitting community's future as they couldn't make any major decisions before the split.