Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
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What an unlucky way to get busted for smoking a bit of pot

THE victim of a violent home invasion faced court yesterday after police discovered cannabis when setting up the crime scene.

Stephen Daniel Head pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to possessing cannabis, as well as a pipe, scissors and bowl used to smoke the drug.

On July 6 at 10.42am, police went to a unit on Kent St, Rockhampton, to declare a crime scene following a home invasion, where Head, 47, was the victim of an assault.

About 11.30am, police went into Head's bedroom to find his mobile phone. During the search they looked in a chest of draws and found a bowl, which contained a small amount of green leafy material and tobacco. It weighed 1g and smelt like cannabis.

Police also found a beer can, which was fashioned into a smoking implement with burns and cannabis residue, as well as a pair of scissors.

At 12.51pm on July 8, Head took part in a police interview and admitted the items were his.

He told police the green leafy material was marijuana and said he used the scissors to chop up the drug to smoke with the tobacco in the XXXX Gold Can.

Lawyer for the defence Rowan King said it was an unfortunate circumstance how Head was uncovered for this offending.

With his left arm in a brace, the court heard how Head was attacked in the violent home invasion.

"He was struck over the head with a pole and his left elbow needed reconstruction as a result of the home invasion,” Mr King said.

"He doesn't know the person who broke into his unit.”

Having worked on farms for most of his life, Head was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago.

"He has unfortunately turned to smoking marijuana,” Mr King said.

Head was fined $350 and the utensils were forfeited.