Facial masks have unfortunately become one of this year's most sought after items, but an Adelaide pharmacy has raised eyebrows with the way it's selling them to customers.

Adelaide Hills local Lydia Kellner shared a photo from a pharmacy in the area on Saturday morning, showing not one but two masks, unwrapped and sitting on pharmacy shelves marked "tester".


A photo of a chemist in Adelaide. Picture: Twitter
A photo of a chemist in Adelaide. Picture: Twitter


Masks are mandatory in Victoria and now recommended for other areas where there is evidence of community transmission where social distancing can't be guaranteed, but the masks are not supposed to be shared or used for too long.

The main value is to protect others if you have the coronavirus (even if you don't know about it).

The Commonwealth Department of Health recommends people should sanitise their hands before putting on or taking off a mask, make sure it fits properly and keep it in place once it's been fitted, avoiding moving it to exposed areas such as your neck when not in use.

Peoplee are also not supposed to reuse single use masks like those in the picture shared by Ms Kellner.

They're definitely not supposed to share a mask with other people or take it in turns trying on the same one.

The tester masks seem to be a common sight in Adelaide, where there is currently no mandate to wear one.

Adelaide Advertiser reporter Miles Kemp previously shared another example of a tester mask last month.

Mr Kemp reported that the chemist said it was to give people an opportunity for staff to demonstrate the correct use to customers.

Another Twitter user said it was fair enough to give people a look at what they were buying, but there were probably better ways of doing it.

"I'm all for people knowing what they are buying, but surely inside a clear bag would be a good start? Just how many different times have various people touched it?"

Originally published as 'What could go wrong?': Disturbing pic