Project director Melissa Hytch.
Project director Melissa Hytch. Sharyn O'Neill ROK300514seden2

What noise? Safety on busy road bigger concern than quarry

EDENBROOK resident Jessica Hansen was unaware there was a quarry down the road from her house until this week.

"I haven't noticed any noise from the quarry," she said.

"Edenbrook is very quiet."

Yesterday, The Morning Bulletin, reported the application of Hopkins Brothers to expand their Belmont Road quarry.

Rockhampton region councillors debated the application at the planning meeting; claiming it would increase noise levels for the nearby estates, Edenbrook and Riverside.

Ms Hansen was not concerned about the noise and said the only issue was the safety of Belmont Rd.

"I would be concerned about an increase of traffic along Belmont Rd because it is in poor condition," she said.

Edenbrook project director Melissa Hytch said she had not received any noise complaints about the quarry or even nearby industrial businesses.

"Some residents didn't even know a quarry was there. Apart from the trucks, there is no noise and dust," Ms Hytch said.

"We have open space that separates us as well. The first house would be a kilometre or two away anyway."

Ms Hytch praised the efforts of Hopkins Brothers in consulting with her on the expansion.

"I have met with Peter Hopkins and with their planning and engineers," she said.

She said the consultants had been transparent through the whole process.

From Edenbrook's point of view, Ms Hytch said she wasn't concerned with the quarry as it was far enough away from the road and the estate.

But there were other issues the expansion would create.

"I don't think it would have an impact on us," Ms Hytch said.

"The only concern I had was the increase of trucks on the road and the route they would take. They assured me they wouldn't have trucks go through the estate and their route was through Belmont Rd."

The increase of trucks brings about another issue.

Belmont Rd is in poor condition and extra trucks could cause extensive further damage.

Edenbrook Estate developer Ingenta Property Group is in talks with Rockhampton Regional Council to upgrade and widen Belmont Rd.

"It is just too narrow in some spots, it is just a very old road and it just needs maintenance," Ms Hytch said.

As part of expansion conditions, Hopkins Brothers are required to contribute about $42,000 to Edenbrook for the Belmont Rd works.

"We are spending $350,00 on it, it is in the best interest of everyone," Ms Hytch said.

The works on Belmont Rd are expected to start within the next 12 months.