It’s a shock croc roadblock as big saltie cops a knock

A LARGE and unsuspecting croc got the fright of its life when a vehicle - with an equally surprised driver at the wheel - ran over it on a flooded Cahills Crossing, Australia's most notorious causeway.

The croc was submerged on the Kakadu side of the crossing just metres from the exit point when a car drove from Arnhem Land into the crossing.

Committed to the crossing as the vehicle ploughed across the flooded waterway, the vehicle suddenly hit a bump.

In the video, a large croc's tail can be seen thrashing before the back wheel of the vehicle also bumps its way over the croc.

The 4WD continues on as the croc, which looks to measure several metres, quickly swims away down the river.

Originally published as What the flock? It's a shock croc roadblock: Big saltie cops a knock