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Which CQ town was crowned May's dearest fuel location?

EMERALD had the dearest fuel price in Central Queensland last month with 14 cents per litre more than other towns.

According to RACQ's monthly fuel price report, Emerald motorists paid an average of 157.6 cents per litre for unleaded petrol.

This compared to 143.2 cents per litre in Gladstone and 147.1 cents per litre in Rockhampton.

RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said retail margins had also increased in the Central Highlands hub.

"We see fuel companies changing much more in Emerald than they are in Gladstone and Rockhampton where the indicative retail margins were far lower at 3.9 cents per litre and 6.7 cents per litre respectively - there's simply no good reason for it," Ms Ross said.

"It's unfair Emerald residents are being charged a higher price, just a few hours east drivers are being offered much more competitive prices."

Ms Ross said the report findings showed motorists needed to shop around for the best deal.

"Only fill up at the servo selling for the lowest price, make sure you spend 30 seconds before you jump in the car on one of the apps or websites like RACQ's Fair Fuel Finder to find out the cheapest price in your area," she said.

The RACQ's Fuel Price Report for May can be viewed on their website.