Which rural brigade is chasing 20-year lease for extension?

MOUNT Morgan's Calliungal Rural Fire Brigade is seeking to renew its lease for a further 20 years to support more development of the facility.

Calliungal Rural Fire Brigade is looking to support further development at a cost of about $70,000 before its Freehold Lease is due to expire on July 31.

According to a recent report filed by the Rockhampton Regional Council, the brigade holds a Freehold Lease over part of Newman Oval L at 3 Thompson Ave in Mount Morgan (Lot three) for the purposes of emergency services.

On June 4, 2019 the council approved the extension of the Freehold Lease area to allow the construction of an additional shed to house Rural Fire Service trucks, a toilet, shower, office training area and storage communication centre.

In December, an additional application for improvement works was received for the ­installation of a water tank, fencing, signage and a new kitchen.

On January 29, ­Rockhampton Regional Council resolved to offer the Calliungal Rural Fire Brigade a further six year tenure from the lease.

The brigade is now ­requesting the 20 year lease term so they can build a ­further two attached appliance bays and redevelop the current fire station for facilities, ­storage and office space.

On June 4, 2019 Rockhampton Regional Council ­approved the extension of the Freehold Lease for Calliungal Rural Fire Brigade to allow the construction of an additional shed.

The Calliungal Rural Fire Brigade will continue to be charged nil for all yearly rates and fees ($1) for the 20 year lease term.