Danielle was thrilled to win a new toy for her son in side show alley at the Yeppoon Show.
Danielle was thrilled to win a new toy for her son in side show alley at the Yeppoon Show. Trish Bowman

Why Livingstone stuck with its Friday show holiday

ROCKHAMPTON and Yeppoon will again have separate show holidays next year despite a call to consider aligning them on the same day.

Livingstone Shire Council today locked in its usual Friday public holiday slot for 2020 despite an objection from Cr Glenda Mather.

Cr Mather told her fellow councillors that she would like to see more research done into the possibility of having just one show holiday for both local government areas.

"There is some public disquiet out there in relation to the split days for the public holidays,” she said.

"There are families that work in Rockhampton who have to find alternate care for their children.

"I think we need to do a little bit more research on this in time for the next holiday, just to see if we're on the right track, because there's been angst out there (in the community) for some time.”

But Cr Mather did not receive any support around the council table and Friday, June 12, got the green light for the Capricorn Coast's show holiday next year.

Rockhampton's show holiday is on Thursday, June 11.

After the meeting, Mayor Bill Ludwig said it was a "common sense” decision.

"We normally put it on the Friday which actually lets our rural people attend the Rocky Show, and it also lets the community go to the Rocky Show which is the bigger, regional show,” he said.

Cr Ludwig said extensive community consultation had previously been done.

"We've consulted with our show, we've consulted with community groups and we've consulted with the business community, but there is always somebody who isn't happy with the decision we make.

"The rationale has always been, we have a show holiday that creates a long weekend so people can come and be part of the Rocky Show, and a lot of them then take the opportunity to come and spend time on the coast.”