An aerial view of Rockhampton.
An aerial view of Rockhampton. Google Earth

Will dredging to Devils Elbow reduce Fitzroy flood impact?

WHILE talking about the Rookwood Weir and levee bank, another couple of floods have come and gone since last election.

Still talking. Why not try and secure some funding in this election to dredge the river from town to Devils Elbow and from mouth of Gavial to Red Bridge.

At least something will be in place before next flood and may make a lot of difference.

It hasn't been done since barrage has been there.

With a good flood behind the barrage, when let go it should flush the rest out. Hey, they should try.

Then eventually when Rookwood Weir or dam gets built they should then think about levee bank.

This would at least be a step in right direction.

This is all debatable but it should be amongst the topics up for reviewing.

GJ Smyth