Searching for the fake Petros

WILL the fake Petros Khalesirad please stand up?

Because the Rockhampton twittersphere is abuzz with speculation about who is behind the controversial Bully columnist and perennial tweeters' parody account - NotPetrosK81.

With 450 followers, more than 9000 tweets clocked up, and an opinion on almost everything happening in the region, Petros's own Twitter account, PetrosK81, has undoubtedly created some enemies for the tech-savvy businessman.

But none more than the creator of NotPetrosK81.

From implying Petros is a communist to mocking the political policies of Petros's mate, mayoral candidate Dominic Doblo, NotPetrosK81 has kept many people amused - including Petros himself.

While he initially threatened to show the unknown creator "what the real PetrosK81 is physically capable of", Petros said he had accepted imitation as the highest form of flattery.

"I am okay with it," Petros said.

"But I will have something to say if something is said about my family."

Petros even admitted he enjoyed the witticisms of many fake accounts, including Kevin Rudd's parody account.

He said he knew who his Twitter alter ego was and issued a veiled challenge for them to "out" themselves.

"I don't have to hide behind anonymous rights," he said.

If NotPetrosK81's tweets are anything to go by, he or she will have something to say about Petros's comments.

Email us your side of the story NotPetrosK81 at or tweet @thebully.