Noosa's domestic violence resources are under scrutiny as part of the council election.
Noosa's domestic violence resources are under scrutiny as part of the council election. CONTRIBUTED

Witness of crime contacted over 1100 times by offender

A ROCKHAMPTON couple has learned a hard lesson about meddling with witnesses to crimes.

Michael Lee Inslay, 32, and his partner Terri-Maree Alice Davis, 40, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court on Friday to charges laid in relation to perverting the course of justice.

The court heard Davis approached a witness of Inslay's domestic violence offending to have the witness retract their statement and provide false information to police about the incident.

Inslay wanted the witness to say the couple just had an argument and there was no violence involved.

Inslay contacted the witness five times via Facebook and placed over 1100 calls to the witness, along with calling other people from prison to ask them to talk to the witness.

"Inslay was really the one pulling the strings,” Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker said.

The court heard the couple's repeated contact with the witness lead to Inslay being sentenced on the basis there was no violence. Neither Inslay or Davis threatened violence to the witness.

Davis's defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said his client was vulnerable due to suffering from PTSD after a previous "sadistic” violent relationship.

"She admits she can be difficult at times because of her mental health,” Mr Lo Monaco said.

Inslay's defence barrister Tom Polley said his client was diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder, anxiety and depression when he was a child.

Mr Polley said Inslay turned to illicit drugs to stabilise his moods after the medications he was given as a child were taken away.

He said it was only while Inslay was in pre-sentence custody for this offence that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and medicated.

Inslay was sentenced to two years and three months jail with parole release on November 10.

Davis received a 21-month suspended jail sentence which is operational for four years.

The pair hugged after being sentenced.