Witness of fatal car crash speaks out


A Townsville man reported seeing two stolen cars 'screaming' past his home in the hours before one of them was involved in a horrific crash killing four children.

The Vincent resident, who was visibly shaken at the sight of the crumpled KIA SUV said he witnessed the car around 2.30am doing high speeds around his neighbourhood.

The stolen car stolen car clipped a roundabout, rolled and collided with a traffic light at Garbutt, killing four teenagers.

Four children, understood to be between the ages of 12 and 14-years-old, died after the car they were travelling in crashed at the intersection of Duckworth St and Bayswater Rd at 4.30am, while a fifth male has since been discharged from the Townsville University Hospital.

The man, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, said he was 'rattled' by the ordeal knowing he'd witnessed the car only a short time before.

He claimed the stolen car involved in the fatal crash was driving dangerously in convoy with a red car of similar make and model.

Townsville Police said they had no knowledge of a second vehicle.

"I seen (sic) it, I seen (sic) it, what can you do?" he said.

"I needed to come down this morning to make sure and yeah it is that car.

"They were doing at least 120km down Hodges Crescent and I said to my Mrs they're going to kill someone, there were no police around, just these two cars and they just kept doing blocks."

The Vincent man said he witnessed hoons driving erratically in his neighbourhood on a regular occasion and something needed to be done by authorities.

"It was bound to happen … its just weird … I seen (sic) them, and look at them now,"

"It's nearly every night it's the same thing in Vincent and Heatley there's always at least one stolen car getting around.

"Is it going to stop or what? I've got a 12 year old daughter myself."

Originally published as Witness of fatal car crash speaks out