Woman assaulted sister after mum’s funeral and dad, 72

A WOMAN with a history of assaulting her family members relocated to Rockhampton to find stable accommodation and sort her life out.

Allicia Jane Burton, 39, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today to one count of assaulting a person aged over 60.

The court heard she punched her 72-year-old father as he sat in a car. They had argued earlier about a cat before the man drove from their home in Brisbane to the Gold Coast to visit his grandchild.

Defence lawyer Megan Jones said Burton has been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder but not taken her medication at the time of the offence and her memory of it was blurry.

She said the reason she didn’t hand herself in was because she was trying to find stable accommodation, which she had now found in Rockhampton.

The court heard the offence against her father, which took place in Brisbane in September, breached a suspended sentence for assaulting her sister after their mother’s funeral.

Burton had spent two nights in the watch house before Magistrate Jeff Clarke ordered her to a six-month prison term and activated the suspended sentence of three months. He gave Burton immediate parole and convictions were recorded.

“It’s particularly sorrowful that you would do this to your father,” he said.