An attempt to siphon petrol for a booze run at Cooloola Cove has ended in a court appearance for one woman.
An attempt to siphon petrol for a booze run at Cooloola Cove has ended in a court appearance for one woman. Contributed

Woman caught siphoning Cooloola Cove car for booze run

Cove siphon case

AN IMBIL woman is $250 poorer after she tried to siphon petrol from another car to go on an alcohol run.

Krystian-Lei Jade Lebherz, 21, was partying with friends at Cooloola Cove on the night of June 1, 2018 when they ran out of drinks about 9.30pm.

Finding their friend's car was out of gas and not going anywhere, Lebherz and a friend grabbed a jerry can and a hose and went in search of a vehicle to siphon - only to be interrupted by the owner of the car during the act.

Gympie Magistrate Chris Callaghan accepted Lebherz's guilty plea, and noting her lack of history, issued a fine and did not record a conviction.


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A man has been fined for carrying a tyre puncture for self-defence has been fined in Gympie Magistrates Court.

Self-protection no defence

WORRIED about a stabbing in the neighbourhood, a 42-year-old Gympie man thought it wise to protect himself when out and about by carrying a "tyre puncture".

It was a choice which cost Michael Kenneth Hansen $200 when he was caught by police walking in Lawrence St with the weapon in hand on December 20. The police prosecutor told Gympie Magistrates Court Hansen offered the tyre puncture up to officers without a problem.

Duty lawyer Elizabeth McAulay told the court Hansen, who pleaded guilty, admitted he "had done a very foolish thing".

"Some people had been stabbed in the neighbourhood and he was worried it would happen to him," she said. Magistrate Chris Callaghan told Hansen self-defence was "no excuse under the act" and fined him.

Costly sleeping aid


GROWING: A Sugarloaf man has been charged for using marijuana for pain relief.
The use of marijuana as a sleeping aid has landed a man in Gympie court. Contributed

USING marijuana to get to sleep at night has proven to be a pricey decision for a 49-year-old Jones Hill man.

Adrian Keith Brown pleaded guilty to charges of producing dangerous drugs, and possessing utensils that had been used, in Gympie Magistrates Court.

The prosecution told the court the items were found "in plain sight" when officers responded to another matter on Banks Pocket Rd on January 1. Brown's lawyer told the court he was on a disability pension as a result of a work injury decades ago. He was fined $500.