Shara-Lace Hubbard caused a scene when her
Shara-Lace Hubbard caused a scene when her "on again off again" ex-partner refused to let her inside the unit to get her belongings.

Woman threatened ex, called him a c--- during drunken fight

A late-night, drunken tirade outside an ex-partner's unit last month has cost a Coast woman $800.

Shara-Lace Hubbard, 33, was charged with committing a public nuisance after she showed up drunk at her old unit just after midnight on November 18.

The man living in the unit called the police after he refused to let her inside to pick up her belongings and she caused a scene.

The court heard she was yelling "obscene" language, and called the man a "c---."

She then threatened to have people come around and do a "run through" of the unit.

When police arrived she was lying on the ground next to the door, after being pushed out when she tried get past the man.

Hubbard could be heard yelling from down the road, which was near the Nambour Hospital, and was disrupting neighbours.

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The man showed police his own CCTV footage of Hubbard's behaviour, and said he had her belongings packed in the garage.

He said he was waiting for her to pick it up at a "reasonable time" and would not give anything to her as he wanted to go bed.

Hubbard pleaded guilty in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Wednesday, telling the court she was "truly sorry."

Hubbard told the court she and the man had an "on and off fling" and she had gone there after drinking that night.

"I'm remorseful for my actions, your Honour," Hubbard said.

"I had a few drinks."

She told the court she was not drinking and had no contact with the man since.

Magistrate Rod Madsen fined Hubbard $800.