The ad has gone viral. Picture: LinkedIn
The ad has gone viral. Picture: LinkedIn

Woman’s ’genius’ job hack revealed

A JOBSEEKER is making waves after turning the recruitment process on its head - by creating a job listing for her new boss.

Bri Land, from Houston in the US, lost her previous position in marketing in November.

But instead of going through the normal motions of searching job sites, sending off her resume, fronting up to interviews and potentially never hearing back, she took the initiative and launched her own job ad.

She's created her own website, Now Hiring My New Boss, and has also updated her LinkedIn profile to feature it.

"Hi. I'm Bri. Who am I? I'm a doer. Analytical and detailed. But also creative. I have an eye for great design. I've been called scrappy. Entrepreneurial. A solver of problems with growth mindset," a description on the site reads.

"And I'm now hiring my new boss. Could it be you? Or someone you know?

"No, I'm not an overly entitled brat. It's just incredibly important to me to land in the right spot this time around. Want to know about what I bring to the table? Click below."

The site also provides a "job description", necessary "qualifications" and details of the ideal company Ms Land would like to work for.

"As my new dream boss, you will be tasked with teaching me everything you know about marketing, not being a jerk and always having my back. That's really it. It's simple," she wrote.

Ms Land explained the successful candidate "must have a good sense of humour" because "we spend too much of our life with our colleagues to not laugh at work once in a while".

The role must be located in Houston in Texas or allow for a "remote employee", and her new manager must also be "capable of trusting others", "willing to listen", "have a desire to make the world a better place", "be humble" and "foster an environment where mistakes and failures are viewed as the learning opportunities that they are".

"You should be a smarty pants in the field of marketing so that I can learn from you," Ms Land continued, adding the boss should also "practise servant leadership" and not just "talk the talk".

Bri Land is currently ‘hiring’ a new boss. Picture: LinkedIn
Bri Land is currently ‘hiring’ a new boss. Picture: LinkedIn

She explained she was also looking for a company with women in leadership roles, with a "friendly, supportive, forward-thinking environment" that rewards employees for results and not the number of hours they put in.

She also lists some of her professional skills and qualifications, a brief rundown of her career to date and a list of personal information and fun facts, including her love of true crime and woodwork.

The unique job ad has been shared on social media, including the Women Who Tech FB Facebook group.

High-profile advertising consultant Cindy Gallop also praised Ms Land's novel approach via a post that has attracted dozens of comments on professional networking platform LinkedIn.

"We LOVE this from Bri Land, who got laid off in November, and is now flipping the script on landing her next job," she posted.

"Apply for the privilege of having this entrepreneurial, enterprising and creative woman work for you!"

Other LinkedIn users described Ms Land's strategy as "genius", "epic" and "creative", with several confirming they had already applied to be her boss.

"This is GENIUS! I got laid off the same exact time and feel for Bri. We're in the same industry and I can see how stressful landing the perfect job could be - especially when all the agencies are in hiring mode," one LinkedIn user wrote, while another added: "Would love to help someone as bold, bright & creative as you in any way I possibly can."

After her website was shared online, Ms Land took to LinkedIn to describe the response she had received so far as "crazy" and "bananas".