SHOCKING: Kathy Robertson-Cipak managed to take a photo of the man. His actions have been slammed by Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy.
SHOCKING: Kathy Robertson-Cipak managed to take a photo of the man. His actions have been slammed by Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy.

UPDATE: Qld Rail CEO speaks out on Tilt Train masturbator

UPDATE: Queensland Rail CEO Nick Easy has spoken out about the incident on the train.

Mr Easy said: "This behaviour is absolutely deplorable and has understandably left our customers and staff very distressed".

"This person was not known to Queensland Rail prior to the incident and we have since implemented a travel ban to prevent him from travelling on our services," he said.

"The safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff on-board our services is our absolute priority and this incident is being treated very seriously.

"Queensland Rail is working with police to provide information and to assist them with their response to this incident.

"As soon as our on-board staff were made aware of this incident out of Bundaberg, police were immediately contacted and arranged to intercept the person at Maryborough station. The offender departed the train at an earlier station, Howard, however we are advised police have since identified the suspect and their investigation is progressing.

"A customer near the offender was also immediately relocated to another carriage and attended to by our on-board staff.

"Our executive general manager of Queensland Rail Travel also personally met this customer, and others, upon their arrival into Roma Street station yesterday afternoon and we have also undertaken follow-up welfare checks via phone to offer further support to customers who may have witnessed the incident.

"I encourage any further customers who may have witnessed this incident to get in contact with Queensland Rail should they require support. Our security team will conduct a review of the incident, taking into consideration feedback provided by customers."

EARLIER: "Please God, please see my message..."

That's how Kathy Robertson-Cipak started her plea to Queensland Rail when she discovered a man sitting near her was performing a sex act on the Tilt Train.

Ms Robertson-Cipak boarded the train in Miriam Vale yesterday, heading to Brisbane for surgery, and the last thing she needed was for someone to board in Bundaberg and start "playing with his genitals".

She said initially she thought he had pubic lice, but as it continued she said it became apparent that wasn't the case.

Having never experienced anything like it in her life, Ms Robertson-Cipak said, while she was terrified, she thought no one would believe her without proof.

SHOCKING: A man is seen masturbating on the Tilt Train.
SHOCKING: A man is seen masturbating on the Tilt Train. Contributed

"I took a photo... (he's) just smug looking at me," she said.

"I was scared shitless."

She said she was texting her husband and Queensland Rail while on the train in the hopes someone would see her message and intervene.

"I couldn't call out to anyone - (they were) all elderly," she said.

"I froze."

Ms Robertson-Cipak said she "normally I'd have got up and smashed him" but found she was paralysed by shock during the incident.

She said she was angry she didn't tell the man to stop.

"I haven't slept. (I'm) trying to tell myself it's ridiculous," she said.

Ms Robertson-Cipak said it took all her strength just to take a photo.

She said she tried to make it seem like he wasn't affecting her, putting her bag on her lap Ms Robertson-Cipak said she wanted to look as unattractive as possible, but there were no blankets to cover up.

"Thankfully I'm not a young girl or old lady," she said.

Ms Robertson-Cipak said it "took ages" before she could see a staff member and show him the message she'd sent Queensland Rail and the photo she took.

"He only put his penis away when the doors opened," she said.

About three minutes later, QR staff moved her to another seat.

Ms Robertson-Cipak said staff had arranged for the train to stop at Howard where they were expecting police to be waiting. But police were not at the station and the man left the train.

"Anger filled me that he could just get off (the train) like that," she said.

"I just want other women to speak up."

Since posting photos and videos of the ordeal online, Ms Robertson-Cipak said she has been sent messages of support from friends, family and strangers alike.

Some messages have been from women who had similar experiences but didn't report it.

Ms Robertson-Cipak said Queensland Rail told her they'd ban the man, but she plans to speak with them about how to make a change to public transport - including increasing random staff checks up and down the carriages.

Ms Robertson-Cipak said police met her in Maryborough, where she give them a statement.

A Maryborough police spokesman said officers were still on the hunt for the man and investigations were continuing.

The NewsMail has contacted Queensland Rail for comment.