JM Kelly collapse: ‘You and your family need to look out’

DOWN at the Federal Court examination last week into the collapse of JM Kelly Group some members of the Murphy family, which controlled the Rockhampton-based company before its $50 million failure last year, were reluctant to give their residential addresses in open court.

Anthony Murphy, who managed the company's two aircraft including a Cessna Citation executive jet, said he was not willing to divulge his Rockhampton address because he "had threats from creditors of the company and they were against my person and family."

Murphy said the threat included a comment that "you and your family need to look out."

Earlier in the court proceedings, Anthony's sister Elizabeth, the group's financial controller, also declined to disclose her address verbally in the court claiming she had been "stalked and threatened."

She instead wrote it down on a piece of paper.

It seems there is still a lot of ill-feeling in the beef city following the company's collapse that left scores of subbies unpaid and more than 200 people out of work.