Josie Weller will be opening a new beauty boutique in Rockhampton next month.
Josie Weller will be opening a new beauty boutique in Rockhampton next month. Beauty in the Woods

Young beauty guru brings expertise to Beef Capital

JOSIE Weller's new addition to Quay St, Beauty in the Woods, is set to not only beautify the Beef Capital but revolutionise the way locals think about self care.

The 22-year-old beautician and business owner, has been in the industry since she was 15, and has picked up a thing or two about helping others look and feel good along the way.

The store is set to open mid-November, pending renovations, and is sure to bring a touch of the boutique experience to Rockhampton's CBD.

"I had my business in Mundubra and decided to branch out to something bigger so I moved here,” she said.

"It's more of a boutique salon, so it will offer something a bit different in Rockhampton.”

Along with a wide range of organic products which are mostly Australian-made, Ms Weller will be offering all traditional beauty treatments including waxing, tining, tanning and facials.

Ms Weller began her own business three and a half years ago after working for other people's salons.

Being so young in such a high-demand industry, Ms Weller said she is able to keep up to date with new technologies and courses that come out and caters her services accordingly.

"It's about keeping my skill set as updated as I can,” she said.

"I think every day is different and you never do the same thing.

"It's never boring. It's nice and exciting helping others and treating skin concerns is very rewarding.

"I also enjoy meeting so many new people and having a very fun and nice working environment where I get to create.”

For Ms Weller, the importance of beauty lies in the feel-good moments, when a client walks out of her salon feeling good about themselves.

"Years ago it was a bit of a luxury but since then people do it on a daily basis,” she said.

"It's about making people feel good and better about themselves and treating any concerns they might have.

"I think a lot of people are quite uneducated about skin health, but it's just about acquiring that knowledge because knowledge is power.

"It's important for customers to know what treatments do and why they are good or bad for them.”

Ms Weller will be offering free skin analysis and working out the best treatment plan or skin care products for her customers.

"I'm hoping to do a small invite-only opening,” she said.

"I haven't got any major plans in place yet but one-day I'd like to franchise and have a few different businesses up and running in different areas.”