PatchPets Founder Josh Fritz with his dog Quincy.
PatchPets Founder Josh Fritz with his dog Quincy.

21yo from country Qld makes mad app for pooches

A 21-YEAR-OLD Central Queensland man is leaving his pawprint on the business industry through the development of a socialising app for pooches and their parents.

Josh Fritz, who was raised in Moranbah and finished school in Mackay, has created his own start-up business, PatchPets, an app designed to easily connect dogs and dog owners across the globe.

He said the idea originally stemmed from lonely visits to the dog park with his much-loved pal, Quincy.

"Quincy, my now Insta-famous cavoodle, loved heading down to the park to burn some energy and I thought we'd make some pals," Mr Fritz said.

"We did make some great friendships down at the dog park, but sometimes we would go and there would be no one there.

"I thought there has got to be some resource where I can arrange park play dates to ensure Quincy and myself could connect with other dog parents and doggos."


PatchPets Founder Josh Fritz with his dog Quincy.
PatchPets Founder Josh Fritz with his dog Quincy.


He said being raised in an entrepreneurial household had shaped his views on running his own business, with his parents building Moranbah Discount Tyres and Mechanical from the ground up.

"Being able to see my parents grow a business from nothing was an inspiring thing to witness, and something that has shaped who I am as a businessman," Mr Fritz said.

Working alongside his parents exposed Mr Fritz to "a lot of business talk" from a young age, but despite the experience, he said the hardest part of going out on his own was getting over the initial fear.

"Running a start-up is always a little bit scary because you are stepping out and navigating the business world on your own," he said.

"You need to be confident in your vision but also be willing to listen to other people's feedback. It's deciphering what you need to take on board to be a success that can be difficult.

"On the flip-side though, it's very exciting to see PatchPets take to market so well.

"It's getting over that initial fear that is the most challenging part."

Growing up, Mr Fritz never thought he would have launched an international app and has since learnt that any goal can be achieved through personal drive and determination.

"Get out there, explore places you have never been, get advice from professionals in the industry you are looking to enter and believe in yourself and your dream," he said.


PatchPets reaches international audience

WITH a focus on expanding the reach of the app, PatchPets is currently launching across Australia with a Pups and Pilates tour in each state.

Founder Josh Fritz said he wanted to enable dog parents to find park pals with the PatchPets dog park map or dig through the directory to find the latest pet-friendly cafes, hotels, and groomers near them.

During the soft launch in Queensland, Mr Fritz said app users popped up in Los Angeles, Tokyo and the United Kingdom.

To meet those needs, he said in 2020 they would focus on expanding the business to the United Kingdom and United States before exploring more international options.